Concept for the self-built roll-in solar sail

The main actor for the solar sail is this so-called endless fock roller. The system from sailing consists of two components. On the one hand, the fock roller, through which a rope or small dew is pulled and the axis begins to rotate. At the other end of the axis of the sail, a so-called vortex is attached. The sail can then be wound around its own axis Now the sail is wrapped around itself over the diagonal. Since it turns out that there is…Continue Reading “Concept for the self-built roll-in solar sail”

Construction instructions for the roll-in solar sail

With this construction instruction for the roll-in solar sail, I show step by step how I completed the project! In order to implement the concept, I first started with the procurement of materials. The most complicated – because custom-made – were the two brackets as stainless steel rods on the side of the house. In any case, stainless steel was mandatory for all metal parts. Looks good and is very weather-resistant. Since I have a buddy who "does in metal" I discussed this with him…Continue Reading “Construction instructions for the roll-in solar sail”

Basic idea for my sun sail

I find a sun sail much nicer than an awning, and it is also considerably cheaper (in self-construction). Our umbrella is far too small for the terrace and also likes to tip over. I have already mounted the tube from the parasol on the large table so that this holds. But then you are even more inflexible with the location. So a sun sail had to come. So I googled and collected different ideas, drew for hours, measured, calculated and finally had my concept: Two…Continue Reading “Basic idea for my sun sail”